The History of Wolf & Noble

It all began for Wolf & Noble in 2015, after years of searching for inspiration for a watch brand. We finally found it, in a small mid-century furniture shop. There we discovered the source of inspiration for Wolf & Noble: The Scandinavian style.
Our watches effectively reflect the love and lust for simplicity and minimalism which we Scandinavians are known for. Each watch is carefully crafted to appeal to the tastes of those who share our appreciation and passion for the simple, yet graceful Scandinavian style.

Designing our first watch, it soon became clear that we wanted to create a Unisex watch suitable for both men and women. We designed a watch with delicate looking yet sturdy adjustable straps and a slender and minimalistic profile to ensure its suitability for men and women alike.

Scandinavian style is about simplicity. That simplicity is not about being plain. It is about being stable, sophisticated and true to oneself while being away from irrelevant distractions and thus concentrating on the things that really matter.